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Enjoyment without aftertaste

Caviar is a luxury product and is one of the most exclusive foods in the world. Usually, the sturgeons that carry the valuable roe in themselves are killed in order to remove the eggs from them – in many cases unnecessarily, since the eggs are either unripe or overripe. The high demand for caviar and the massive overfishing of the waters have led to a large proportion of the 26 species of sturgeon being threatened with extinction today. Nowadays, catching wild sturgeon is almost completely banned. A sustainable alternative to wild catching is therefore fish breeding. Our fish are bred in tanks and ponds, without the addition of antibiotics, hormones and other medications.



In the process, KaiserCaviar places particular focus on the topic of sustainability, as only through many years of experience in fish breeding, sustainable production methods and keeping of the animals in a manner appropriate to the species can the finest caviar be produced. The wellbeing of the sturgeons is of the highest priority; therefore, to obtain the valuable roe, they are not killed, but rather “milked” by means of a small cut. Hence, at KaiserCaviar, the high-quality roe of more mature fish is used, which bears comparison with Iranian caviar in quality and taste.


The harvesting and processing of KaiserCaviar take place in careful manual work, under constant control and in harmony with the CITES guidelines for the protection of the extinction-threatened sturgeon. Freshness and purity occupy a position of importance, in order to preserve the unmistakable character of the caviar.

Moreover, KaiserCaviar not only processes the luxurious eggs of the fish. To ensure that the sturgeon is handled respectfully as a resource, its delicate flesh is also used, smoked and sold.

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