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Sustainable caviar harvest in the heart of Poland

KaiserCaviar is sorted by hand in a careful process under constant quality controls and in harmony with the specifications of the CITES guidelines for protecting threatened animal species at our plant in Poland. This allows the caviar to be harvested and processed quickly from the sturgeon into our glasses, as purity and freshness are the top priority at our company. To preserve the pure taste of the “black gold”, at KaiserCaviar, no preservatives are added and our glasses are sealed in a special procedure. We deliver our caviar fresh after pre-order.

KaiserCaviar sets new standards in harvesting and processing. In a unique process, the caviar is produced from the removed eggs, without slaughtering being required. The gentle withdrawal from the living sturgeon is worthwhile not just with a view to environmental awareness and sustainability: the fish grow and become older and the roe increases in quality. 

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Caviar harvest

Seven phases are required for the KaiserCaviar to be ready, with each step taking place under constant control on site:

  1. First, the caviar is removed from our sturgeons by way of a small cut.

  2. The roe is collected in a bowl.

  3. The caviar is cleaned and freed of impurities by being rinsed in water several times.

  4. The last impurities are removed with tweezers.

  5. The caviar harvest is then tasted and salted.

  6. The caviar is drained and filled into glasses.

  7. Depending on the selection, the maturation process follows.

Sustainability through animal welfare

The wellbeing of our fish, animal welfare and the topic of sustainability enjoy the highest priority at our fish farm in Poland. In addition to caviar production, KaiserCaviar also breeds sturgeon, catfish, carp and rainbow trout. The plant is surrounded by warm waters, which offer the ideal conditions for our fish. The open water cycle ad efficient filter systems keep the water quality in the tanks at the highest level, unequalled in Europe. This benefits both our animals and the quality of our products. Antibiotics and medications are not used at KaiserCaviar.

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